Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kit Reviews & Buyers Guide

What is a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse?

Everyone has seen traditional greenhouses, but a geodesic dome greenhouse stands out. A geodesic dome is basically a hemisphere made up of triangles. This construction allows the weight to be distributed evenly giving it exceptional strength. In fact, the design is so strong that plans have been developed to …

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Best Chicken Coop Kit Reviews

A flock of chickens is the perfect addition to any homestead. The birds will provide you with eggs, fertilizer (manure), and possibly meat if that’s what you decide. Your chickens will help take care of you, but first, you have to make sure you have to take care of them.

The first point of business is to …

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Choosing the Best Bee Hive + Beginner Beekeeping Guide

It doesn’t matter if you just have a backyard or if you’re working on a 100-acre farm – starting a bee hive is an excellent addition to any homestead. The bees will provide you with delicious honey, bee’s wax, and other goodies we’ll discuss later. Keeping a bee hive also pollinates plants which is essential …

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Choosing the Best Worm Farm Bin + Vermicomposting Guide

It doesn’t matter if you’re a simple backyard gardener or you’re running a full-scale permaculture farm – starting a worm farm is fun and pays itself off over and over again. Worm farming (also known as vermicomposting / vermiculture) allows you to turn food scraps and recycling into worm castings using a simple worm bin.

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