Best Chicken Coop Kit Reviews

A flock of chickens is the perfect addition to any homestead. The birds will provide you with eggs, fertilizer (manure), and possibly meat if that’s what you decide. Your chickens will help take care of you, but first, you have to make sure you have to take care of them.

The first point of business is to make sure that your chickens have a comfortable and safe environment to sleep and lay their eggs. This extensive guide will walk you through some of the most popular chicken coop kits to help you figure out which one is best for you.

Our Picks for Best Chicken Coop Kits

We don’t want to waste any time so we’re going to start off right away by telling you our top 3 favorite chicken coop kits:

Best Budget
Large Fenced Run
Maximum 4 Chickens
Low Entry Price
Garden Girls
Best Looking
Raised Garden Bed
Maximum 4 Chickens
Covered Run

Want to know more? No worries. We break down all the pros and cons of these and more chicken coops.

Chicken Coop Reviews

We took a look at 6 popular chicken coops for backyard farming. Each coop is different so it’s important to make sure you get one that fits your situation. We’ve listed the chicken coops in order from our favorite to our least favorite.

Formex Large Plastic Hen House

This made-in-America chicken coop is absolutely incredible. When size and durability matter this coop really steps up to the plate. That’s why this coop is our #1 pick for best overall.

It’s constructed completely of double walled plastic making it super durable. It’s also ridiculously simple to snap together.

All this awesomeness doesn’t come cheap, though. Click the picture to see the current price.


  • Durable – The strong plastic is impact, ultraviolet, water, and chemical resistant. This is a coop that is going to last a very long time.
  • Large Size – This chicken coop kit is big enough to fit 6 large hens (even more if you have bantam chickens).
  • 4 Nesting Boxes – This coop has two nesting boxes on either side to accommodate your flock.
  • No Tools – This kit is the easiest to assemble. The parts snap together to form and strong and tight structure.
  • Adjustable Ventilation – This feature allows you to better accommodate your chickens across seasons, and in a larger variety of climates.
  • Double Wall – The double walled construction of this chicken coop not only makes it sturdier, but it also helps insulate the coop. This combined with the adjustable ventilation we just mentioned makes this coop perfect for harsher climates.
  • Easy to Clean – The plastic can be quickly hosed off without worrying about rot or mold like wooden chicken coops. This coop also had a removable tray to make cleaning the floors super easy.
  • Lockable Access – Keep your chickens safe from predators while they sleep.
  • Lightweight – Can be easily moved. It can also be easily disassembled if needed.


  • Price – This chicken coop is the most expensive one in our list, but customers who bought this coop overall seem to love it.
  • No Run – You’ll want to find another method to contain your chickens when they’re outside the hen house. If you already have a fenced-in area then you’re typically good to go.

Recommended For:

If you’re planning to keep around 6 chicken and want something that’s going to last a really long time then this is absolutely your best bet. The biggest problem is this coop is really expensive so it may be out of reach for a lot of new chicken farmers. If this is out of your price range then don’t worry – we have plenty of more affordable options on this list.

Click to See Current Price of Formex Large Plastic Hen House

Tangkula Wooden Chicken Coop 

This coop is made out of a beautiful fir wood that is 12mm thick.

It includes a double nesting box, coop, and a covered run so your chickens can get some fresh air without worrying about predators.

There are so many great features to this coop. Plus, the price tag on this coop is among the best we’ve seen for these kits. You can click the photo to see the current price of this coop.



  • Solid Construction – The solid fir wood makes this chicken coop a sturdy and long lasting among other wooden coops.
  • Hinged Roof – Both sides of the roof are on hinges to accessing the main part of this coop is really easy.
  • Pullout Tray – An easy pull out tray makes cleaning the floor of this chicken coop pain-free.
  • Covered Run – This run is perfect for keeping your birds happy and comfortable. It allows them space to roam in the open air.
  • Lockable Door – The door comes with a locking hinge to keep your chickens safe from predators who try to break in.
  • Adjustable Vent – The vent helps with air circulation and also lets in some light.


  • Needs Sealer – Some customers have stated that the wood treatment is inadequate and suggest adding your own sealer to this product. This is true of most wooden coop kits.

Recommended For:

This is an awesome coop for someone who is on a tight budget. This coop will hold a maximum of 4 chickens so if you’re planning on a bigger flock then you’ll need a bigger coop.

Click to See Current Price of Tangkula Wooden Chicken Coop

Garden Girls Chicken Coop with Raised Bed Garden

This chicken coop is absolutely the most adorable chicken coop that we’ve ever seen. The raised garden bed adds so much to the look of this coop.

This barn style coop has 2 nesting boxes and is designed for a maximum of 4 chicken.

The run directly beneath the coop gives your chickens an area to get fresh air even when it’s raining.


  • Garden Bed –  We know it’s already been mentioned, but the raised garden is just so cool we couldn’t help but talk about it one more time.
  • Solid Construction – This coop kit using high-quality tongue and groove lumber. It also uses heavy duty steel wire to keep your chickens safe from predators.
  • Tray – A pullout tray makes cleaning up after your chickens much easier.
  • Built-In Vents – Helps circulate air around your chicken coop.
  • Easy to Assemble – Much of the work is already done for you before your coop ships. That is, walls are already constructed, hinges are preinstalled, etc. There is an easy to follow instruction manual to complete the remaining construction.


  • Price – Beautiful and quality construction, unfortunately, don’t come cheap. This coop isn’t as expensive as the Formex Plastic Coop, but it’s not exactly cheap either. If you have the money to spend then you won’t regret it.
  • No Roof Henge – You won’t be able to remove the roof which may make cleaning a bit more difficult. But, it does have a removable tray and a pretty large door so accessing the coop shouldn’t be too hard.

Recommended For:

This coop is perfect for anyone who wants a small flock of no more than 4 chickens. This coop looks good anywhere so you don’t have to worry about looking at an unsightly coop.

Click Here to See Current Price of Garden Girls Chicken Coop

Green Pawhut Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop

 This coop is designed for a maximum of 4 chickens. It comes prepainted in this beautiful green color so all you have to do is assemble the pieces and start farming chickens.

It includes a run so your chickens can walk around in the free air without being in danger of predators.

This coop also includes 2 nesting boxes with easy access to collect your eggs.



  • Easy to Assemble – Most users found this kit to be very intuitive and easy to assemble. Many reported assembling this coop in only an hour. This time will vary of course.
  • Removable Tray – A removable droppings tray makes it easy to clean out this chicken coop.


  • Thin Wood – Some customers have complained the wood is thin and have expressed concern as to the longevity of this coop.
  • Cheap Hardware – Users have also stated the included hardware is sub par. If you purchase this chicken coop then you may want to replace the hardware with something stronger.

Recommended For:

This is a great medium sized coop for anyone wanting to keep a maximum of 4 chickens. The price is also quite reasonable for what you’re getting.

Click to See Price of Green Pawhut Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop

Large Solid wood Chicken House

This wooden coop looks great and has plenty of room for up to 6 chickens. This coop has 2 nesting boxes.

The entire structure is built out of solid wood for extra durability and a terrific look.

The run extends under the coop to give your chickens some extra room to move around in the open air.


  • Solid Wood – This kit is comprised of solid wood instead of the cheaper composited materials that many of the cheaper kits come with.
  • Easy to Assemble – Users have stated that they feel this kit is easy for someone with reasonable building skills to accomplish.
  • Removable Tray – This coop has a removable tray to make cleaning up droppings easy.
  • Looks Great – We really love the look of this coop. The solid wood gives it a unique appearance.


  • Cheap Hinges – Some customers have stated the included hinges are cheaply made and recommend picking up some replacement hinges.

Recommended For:

This is a great coop for anyone who is keeping no more than 6 chickens. It’s a little pricier, but that’s because it’s made of solid wood instead of composite boards.

Click Here to See Current Price of the Large Solid Wood Chicken House

Advantek The Prairie Home Chicken Coop

This little coop looks great, and it’s the perfect size for a small flock of 2 chickens. If you’re trying to just keep a few chickens around to supply breakfast then this is a great choice for a chicken coop.

Do not purchase this coop if you are planning on having more than 2 chickens. It is a small coop with a small run, so please do not overcrowd your chicken by buying a coop that is too small.



  • Removable Roof – Accessing the interior of this coop is really easy thanks to the removable roof.
  • Sliding Tray – One terrific feature of this chicken coop is a slide out tray that makes cleaning your coop so much easier.
  • Insect and Rot Resistant – This coop is made of lightweight fir wood that resists insects and rot.


  • Assembly Instructions – Several users have complained that the instructions used to assemble this chicken coop are difficult to understand, incorrect, or incomplete.
  • Inadequate Weather Proofing – The wood is stained, however, some users claim this coop will require additional weather proofing to withstand the told of the elements. This can be done with a clear coat or could be repainted.
  • Thinner Wood – Some users stated the wood is a bit too thin.

Recommended For:

This is a terrific coop for anyone looking to house a very small flock. The smaller footprint will help if you’re tight on space.

Click to See the Current Price for Advantek The Prairie Home Chicken Coop

Petsfit Outdoor Chicken Barn

Perhaps one of the most iconic farm buildings is the red barn. You can give your chickens their own barn where they can get to work laying eggs.

This coop will work well for 3-4 chickens, which is plenty to supply most small households with plenty of eggs to eat.

This coop also includes 2 nesting boxes on the side so you’ll have easy access when you want to collect your eggs.



  • Small Footprint – If you’re tight on space to put your chicken coop then this may be your solution. A smaller coop also means a smaller flock.
  • Aesthetics – Beauty is subjective, but we just love the way this chicken coop looks. The old red barn look is terrific.


  • Accessibility – The roof cannot be opened. To access the interior you must use one of the two doors or remove the bottom. Some users have added their own hinges to the roof to make the coop more accessible.
  • No Run – This is a coop only and does not include a run. A run allows your chickens to roam in the open air without threat from predators.
  • Thinner Wood – Some users have complained that the wood was a bit thin. Some have expressed concerns about this coop in cold climates.

Recommended For:

This coop would work for the homesteader looking to start a small flock. If you really love the look then we say ‘go for it’. But, given the price, there are other kits we would recommend over this one.

Click to See Current Price of Outdoor Chicken Barn

Additional Equipment Recommended for Backyard Chicken Farming

Once you’ve picked out your favorite chicken coop, there are a few accessories you will need and/or want to add to your coop. Here are our recommended accessories:

Watering System

I think it goes without saying that you are going to have to give your chickens plenty of water to drink.

We recommend the Harris Farms Poultry Drinker. This plastic watering system is easy to clean and refill. It can sit flat or you can hang in from its attached wire.

Click to See Current Price of Harris Farms Poultry Drinker


Just like you’re going to have to give your chicken water – you’re also going to have to feed them.

In addition to their watering system, Harris Farms also makes a terrific and affordable feeder. It holds 15 pounds of food to keep your flock happy and laying eggs.

The galvanized steel construction is strong to stand up to the elements and your chicken’s constant pecking.

Click to See Current Price of Harris Farms Feeder

Chicken Feed

Once you have a feeder, then you’ll need to purchase some feed for your chickens.

A chicken needs 5 ounces of food to lay an egg so make sure your chickens are well fed so they can do their job.

Encore chicken feed is a great mix for your chickens. It comes high in protein and calcium specifically for laying hens.

Note: This feed is for chickens 18 weeks and older. If you chickens are younger then we recommend starter crumbs such as those made by Manna Pro.

Click to See Current Price of Encore Feed

Chicken Coop Automatic Door Motor

You can greatly reduce the number of chores associated with chickens by installing an automatic chicken coop door. You can program the motor to open the door in the morning and close it in the evening.

There are several automatic door kits on the market, but we highly recommend the kit from Cheeper Keeper. It’s a little more expensive than some of the budget kits, but it’s well worth the money.

This kit installs really quick and easy – about 8 screws and you’re done! The unit is weatherproof and does not require an electrical outlet. It even includes the batteries you need.

Click to See Current Price of Cheeper Keeper Automatic Door Motor

DIY Chicken Coops

Chicken coop kits make it easy for anyone to put together. But, perhaps your a bit handier and would prefer to build your own coop from scratch. If you’ve got the tools and the knowhow then why not, right?

Before building your coop, you’re going to need some plans/blueprints. It’s also really helpful if you have a step by step guide for building a coop. You can search online for free plans to download, but the truth is you typically get what you pay for.

DIY Chicken Coops, written by John White, is an excellent book for anyone who is considering building their own coop. It has 10 complete coop plans with step by step instructions.

The author claims that all of the plans in this book are easy to complete (even if you’re not an expert builder), and affordability has been taken into consideration when compiling this set of plans.

Click to See Current Price of DIY Chicken Coops Book



Raising chickens is a terrific way for you to raise your own food. It’s also a great way to connect with nature. Keeping your chickens safe and happy is a big responsibility so choosing the perfect coop is essential.

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